Terms & Conditions

The interactive map, which visualizes various natural sightseeings, buildings, monuments, people and so on, is NOT with geographic accuracy, and is not intended for making routes or use in navigation devices. The graphic value and the objects in the map aim relatively precise positioning, and providing users with a different perspective and vision of the beautiful places in Bulgaria. It aims to tell the fascinating stories of the objects in it, to inform, route and recommend people, who decided to explore Bulgaria.

Copyrights and other intellectual property rights in the material contained in the information platform www.iwalk.bg, as – music, narration, photos, videos and source code, belong to the owner and are under the protection of any current intellectual property national and international law, the responsibility for their validity, suitability and right of use is entirely in the patrimony of the same.

In case that any provision of these Terms and Conditions become invalid by virtue of a judicial decision, the rest of the Terms remain in force. These General Terms were adopted by resolution of the general meeting of owners and take effect for all users as of 01/05/2015. For any inquiries, comments and / or contact with our legal department, please contact law@iwalk.bg.bg